The are various way you can collaborate with and support the efforts and aspirations of Hawk Merlin Studios.

collaborate : to work jointly with others or together, especially in an intellectual endeavor or to cooperate with an agency or instrumentality with which one is not immediately connected.


The foundation of Hawk Merlin Studios is centered around COLLABORATION, as demonstrated by Hawk and Merlin themselves.    The intent of HMS is to provide a platform for collaboration to thrive between HMS, artists, visitors, the community of Stevenson, WA,  businesses and citizens of the Columbia Gorge, and anyone who decides they want to be a part of the Hawk Merlin Studios endeavor (adventure!).


Your  SUPPORT is appreciated. Here are ways that you can collaborate with, and support the efforts of Hawk Merlin Studios.

  • Visit  the Studio/Gallery and attend an event!
  • While attending an artist exhibition, support the HMS artist by purchasing one of their items. They will appreciate the support and so will HMS.
  • While attending an event, visit the merchandise area and make a purchase for yourself or as a gift. Even a small purchase makes a big impact in the ability for HMS to move forward.
  • Sign up for HMS  email updates and promotions.
  • Visit the online HMS Store and make a purchase for yourself or as a gift. Even a small purchase makes a big impact.
  • Donate. If you would like to support HMS to accelerate the pace of reaching reaches it's goals we welcome donations.
    • Your financial donations will go to very specific, long-term, funding projects that require larger capital outlays. Details to follow.