The WRITER'S DEN provides the writer, David Bunker, an inspirational retreat for character development to thrive, and for stories to emerge and unfold.



Active Projects:

(most active projects listed first)


The Legends of Willow Creek (born date: December 2013)   

As the spirit of a town patriarch declines, so does the spirit of the once, bustling town. Late in his life, a newcomer to Willow Creek captures his attention, and his spirit stirs.


Barbara’d Wire (born date: August 31, 2015)

A heartbroken cowboy, scarred by forbidden love, never forgets his true love in this western romance set in the 1940's on a ranch in the American southwest.


FALCO - The adventures of a superhero pigeon                   (formerly known as "Fly Like a Falcon") (born date: mid 1990’s)    

It’s OK to be different! Your potential is unique to you and is yours to discover and pursue. Tuck in your wings and fly!


The Journeyman (born date: 1991)

The cooked river of life holds an abundance of mysteries and treasures. Try to enjoy the good and bad in-between moments of life.

"Our Seasons"  (born date: August 25, 2016)
Strangers separately exist within their own seasons of life, but discover they are connected to others as a result of random encounters. They learn of empathy and a common humanity, as taught and demonstrated by the four seasons of nature.



Hawk & Merlin   (born date: mid 1990’s)

Two German Short Hair Pointers (dogs not people!) offer valuable lessons about the power of collaboration, spirit, and relentless determination.


Fish On!  (born date: mid 1990’s) 

Start thinking “like a fish” and get better results in your professional sales endeavors.    


The Moving Sidewalk (born date: mid 1990’s)   

Useful organizational perspectives and guidance for parents, coaches, mentors, and leaders.


The Orange Bus (born date: mid 1990’s)

Improve your ability to hone in on what you seek that seems so elusive at times, but is often, already right in front of your nose. (hint: your nose is usually directly below your eyes)


The Silver Screen

The Story of your life up on the big screen...Starring YOU!!!!  It’s OK, dream a little.


Unleash The Beast    

Enough messing around. It’s in you. Make it happen!


Gold Nuggets    

To achieve exceptional organizational results, keep looking for the exceptional performers until you find your GOLD. They're out there!!


5 FIVE 5

Always give it your best, but throw in five more.


Ride The Pony! (part of HMS Business Series)

STICKWITHITNESS will get you to your dreams. Stay on the Pony.


Head Wounds (born date: 2014)

Emotional and physical scars can serve as symbols, catalysts, and stepping stones for growth.


Flavorite Shirts (born date: June 6, 2015)

Reflections of sensory stimulants that evoke powerful memories of people, places, things, and events.


Blink (born date 1990’s)

In the blink of an eye, the fate of a relationship is determined, and a life path for both characters is determined.


The Fuzzy Man   (born date: November 28, 2015)

A boy, teen, and man progresses through life with vague recollections of a father.


Hondaminium    (born date: December 5, 2015)

Unexpected perspectives and incidents from a brief period residing in a sea foam green, sporty coupe.


The $6 Stuntman (born date: March 16, 2016)

The imagination and adventures of youth unleashed as the story follows the lives of five kids as they escape real world realities by taking on personas of alternative characters.


Square Holes (born date: May 5, 2016)  (part of HMS Business Series)

Are you an individual with unique characteristics (a square peg) that an employer has tried to fit in to their round hole? Are you an employer that tries to jam all your square peg employees in to round holes? How about designing "the hole" around each individual to maximize their potential contributions to your organization? Try it!


Cheese To Surface Area Ratio (born date: 1990's)

Contestants compete for a lifetime supply of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Their challenge is to design, create and serve the perfect dish of this uniquely American pasta treat.


The Torch (born date: March 2017) (part of HMS Business Series)

Creating and designing organizational "cultures" can be challenging, but a "culture" is necessary to achieve sought after long-term organizational objectives. Once designed, "champions" must carry THE TORCH forward to ensure the culture remains an ever-present part of the fabric and soul of the organization.


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