Hawk Merlin Studios is proud and honored to present:



"Visions of Earth: Seeing with the Minds' Eye"

Tall grass glistens in warm sunlight and wind gently rustles through distant trees. I hear the sound of robins and sparrows and look up at the azure sky. I take a deep breath and close my eyes. It’s the earth as she is to me: captivating, nurturing, stunning, and seemingly indestructible. I am overwhelmed with love of the light and colors I see in nature.

With my camera, I take snap shots of the landscape to reference while I paint. However, my true inspiration comes from what I think of as the “Mind’s Eye”. While I stand in front of a blank canvas, I am not guided by photographs that my eyes see. I am guided by the vibrant images in my mind formed from memories of places visited. The colors, intricacies, and emotions are translated from my mind to my brush. The paintings become my story, and they allow me share how I experience the world. Raw energy and furious color give way to subtle light and technical compositions. Drippy paint represents the diminishing wild land, reminding the viewer that nothing is permanent. Calculated lines force themselves across the canvas, just as computers and technology have taken over our planet.

While I am lucky enough to live in a body that takes me places, and am equipped with a mind that can process nature’s beauty, I am troubled by what my own species has done to a world that has given us so much. My purpose is to illustrate this dilemma and connect with those who share similar thoughts. I look forward to future exploration and continuing to developing the way in which I tell my story.


Opening Weekend is April 14/15 at Hawk Merlin Studios. (Facebook Event Page)

Stevenson's "Destination Gallery", located in the beautiful Columbia Gorge.

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