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The Charity House Band of Hawk Merlin Studios!

About Subliminal Dog Heads (SDH)

The concept is simple... Hawk Merlin Studios hires musicians using donated funds (from the "Kennel Club") to play charity sets at various events to help HMS raise money for select local and regional charities.

The "Kennel Club" is a small group of sponsors/supporters that quietly support Hawk Merlin Studios and David Bunker with this endeavor.

rotating musicians will perform as subliminal dog heads for each event!

             our inaugural event held                September 16, 2017 was a huge success! wE RAISED $6,948 FOR AREA eMERGENCY rESPONDERS.




we hope you enjoyed our inaugural BENEFIT PERFORMANCE to support your FIRST RESPONDERS!

INAUGURAL SDH Charity Event @Walking man brewing.

Hawk Merlin Studios proudly presents the inaugural Subliminal Dog Heads charity event, which took place Sept. 16 at Walking Man Brewing in Stevenson, WA. We are very excited to announce that Julie Amici and her band were the first performers to ever perform as Subliminal Dog Heads, and we raised $6,978 for First Responder organizations in Skamania and Hood River counties!


about the sdh performers: Julie Amici Band


JULIE AMICI is an amazing performer and we invite you to a free performance at Walking Man Brewing's outdoor stage and patio. Julie and her band will perform an entertaining mix of country, blues and jazz. Julie Amici and Dean Mueller were the 2017 winners of the Solo/Duo category at the Cascade Blues Association’s "Journey to Memphis" Competition.


THANK YOU to all that participated in the event and donated. We all appreciate your sUPPORT!

more about subliminal dog heads

Curious and Interested Musicians/Performers should contact David Bunker to learn more about the concept if you have any interest in performing in the future.

The images you see below are 1st draft renderings of what might appear at a music festival or event to promote Subliminal Dog Heads.

These were put together in 2015 by my fantastic graphic designer Greta Gohn at Thrive Designs.

(classic style)

(classic style)

(bluegrass style)

(bluegrass style)

(groovy style)

(groovy style)