September 29 - November 11, 2017

Hawk Merlin Studios is proud to exhibit a wonderful and talented Northwest artist.

SEP 29/30 is Opening Weekend!

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“I enjoy the empowerment that comes from combining blank sheets of paper, graphite lines and individual sticks of pigment, into something altogether new that cannot be reproduced in exactly the same way again. There is a ‘rightness’ about that aspect of the painting process, in that it echoes the experience of living and the changes that take place in nature, minute by minute.”

Janet Rothermel

"Exciting adventures – new places and experiences – have always energized me. Since it wasn’t often physically possible to experience what I considered “adventure” all that much, I turned to art early in my life as a way to create my own unique world of experiences. Incorporating art and design in my life has always been an elemental aspect of who I am.

I’ve worked with weaving and ceramics, graphic and interior design, but eventually settled into painting and the pastel medium. The pure pigment of soft pastels allows me to create compositions that push color relationships more intensely than other mediums I’ve worked with.

I’m self-taught in pastel and always look forward to the adventure I know I’ll find with each piece. I’m energized by the color interactions that take place as I move through a painting – and because the experience is so intimate and new, there’s never a dull moment when I’m working on a composition."

Janet Rothermel

“Landscapes and the recurring road theme symbolize routes to a larger world where the details of my everyday life are put into their ‘proper place’. I use color and line to emphasize and exaggerate for visual impact. Time spent in search of photographs to reference for my painting – and then the act of painting those images – brings a kind of clarity to my life, and a window through which I’ve found a personally spiritual place.”

Janet Rothermel